About us

The Law Office of Mr. Antonios Nedelkopoulos is operating since 1982, offering top quality specialized services, based on profound knowledge, hard work, constant diligence and creativity.

His hard work together with his education, experience gained at court places, knowledge, and creativity cover all aspects of law issues, even the most difficult and complicated ones. The services of our office cover the most complex legal problems.

Time is a crucial factor and Mr. Nedelkopoulos’ team main goal is to offer the fastest and most effective legal services while focusing extremely on time limits and fixed dates, in accordance with customer’s priorities and demands upon his/her decision of urgency, concerning costs and fees.

Antonis Nedelkopoulos, attorney, is a registered member of the Thessaloniki Bar Association.

Eleni Iosifidou, notary, is a registered member of the Thessaloniki Civil Law Notary Bar Association.

 Curriculum Vitae of Mr. Antonios Nedelkopoulos

Specialized on Issues of Public Works (Public Law) and European Law, expertise in taxation laws and principles, to all issues relating to property laws, taxation and rentings(real estate- leasing- renting), as well as to general and special types of contract agreement as franchising and artistic.


 Curriculum Vitae of Ms. Antonia Nedelkopoulou

Specialiazed in Public Law, International Commercial Law and Air and Space Law. Email:anedelkopoulou@yahoo.com