Family Law

The Family Law describes and regulates the relationships between the members of a family in its broad meaning and specifically the engagement, marriage, the obligations and prerogatives in the marriage, kinship, divorce (consensual and adversarial), sustenance, relationships between parents and children, the adoption, the guardianship which are connected with the personal status of the individual, his personality and his property (entitlement to participate in acquisitions and assets during the marriage).

Provisions of the Family Law are included in the Greek Constitution (21 § 1), and in many international conventions which are signed and uphold by Greece.

The nexus of the Family Law is governed by principles such as: the principle of equality, the principle for the protection of the family and the marriage, the principle of the right of the legally incompetent and the principle of the limited number meaning that institutions of this sector is numerically limited and not allowed to be changed by any individual.

The rights included in this section change (mold) the personal status in a legal way of the involved parties and they are defined by the court’s order only.

The attorney at Law Mr. Anthoniοs  Nedelkopoulos has worked with dozens of family law cases which are related to the sensitive areas of the divorce, maintenance and custody of minor children, areas that require commitment, discretion and efficiency.

Mr. Anthoniοs Nedelkopoulos handles cases of the above issues with sensitivity and with a comprehensive approach. Analyzes the needs and wants of his customers, in relation to new social challenges, seeking consensual solutions and avoids emotional and psychological conflicts that might prove traumatic for all parties, involved.