Public Law -Public Works


The Laws and principles of the Public Works & Constructions sector were always in the personal interest of Mr. Anthonios Nedelkopoulos, as a business stimulus.

His interests to this sector lead him to follow extensive studies on the field.Based on his graduate studies on the subject and due to his focus, knowledge and specialization on this area, he was granted the post of the legal adviser at «Egnatia Odos SA» a company that its sole operation activity is the Public Works.

«Egnatia Odos SA» is the legal contractor for the huge project of the 1500 Km Motorway, planned to connect the west edge of Greece to the eastern part of the country, actually the connection of Europe to Asia.

The company has completed this very demanding and challenging project over passing many legal issues and problems.This specific subject of Public Works includes dozens of cases of complex problems during the whole tendering process in both the pre and after-contractual stage.

The text of the terms and conditions of the tender, the issues of the tender, the selection of the contractor, objections and corrections, letters of credit, the contracts for every project and its studies, penalty clauses, the management and the supervision of the project, the obligations of the contractor, the joint venture in planning, the substitution of the contractor, the consideration, the process of the project conclusion acceptance, the deduction of the contractor, the dissolution of the contract, the appeals, injunctions, the  pre-contractual control before the committee in charge for the audit control and the concessions.

All the above written are some of the issues and cases that were successfully handled before the Courts of Law, throughout the country, in actual accordance with the European Directives and Regulations.

The administrative contract of a public project has evolved into an obvious, necessary and constantly broaden   mechanism of action of the modern public administration, which requires subtle and careful handling.