Property & contracts

Our legal and notary services provide a full range of services to individuals and legal bodies seeking to acquire, construct and finance a new property or sell one. We are in a position to keep our clients fully informed of all the details embracing the process of transferring property, specifically:

  • By investigating the titles and deeds listed in mortgage registries and land registry offices
  • By registering the necessary permits in boundary line areas
  • By drafting all legal documents necessary to complete the transfer of property
  • By dealing with situations in which forested areas are involved
  • By negotiating the sale – purchase price, as well as other terms that are involved in the transfer process
  • By investigating the municipal building codes
  • By preparing a complete and flawless contract
  • By adhering to the terms and conditions that apply to the acquisition of a first residence
  • By the ability to address all the possible variables of an eviction from property
  • By the ability and experience necessary to transfer property to nationals of the European Union or other sovereign states.
  • By addressing any problems that arise with contractors’ obligations
  • By handling all transfers of property from parents to children, donations, inheritances and wills