Curriculum Vitae of Mr. Antonios Nedelkopoulos

Antonios Nedelkopoulos

T: 2310 – 285049, 282952,

F: 2310 – 266559,

M: 6972552264


Hermou 18Α

546 24 Thessaloniki


Legal adviser in multinational or national Companies or Organizations that are seeking a highly experienced attorney at law with excellent communication skills, legal verbal speech skills as well as written and an ardent commitment to excellence. Successfully defend any individual before the courts of law or any other opponents.


Attorney to the Supreme Court
Experienced in many aspects of the Laws and Principles governing the Public Works & Constructions sector. Experience which include but is not limited to Family, Corporate, Public Laws. Extreme familiarity with family law, franchise contracts and agreements, property Laws as well as Banks’ and Organizations’ protocols.


A combination of an entrepreneur with a wide set of knowledge of the taxation system.

Additional skills:

  • Experienced in organizing the overall strategy for defending a customer.
  • Familiarity with PR aspects.
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills.
  • Social Media and Internet laws and ethics, knowhow.
  • Ability in presentation of technical and non-technical issues to courts and committees.


2015 Chairman of the Bar Associations Primary Disciplinary Council of the district  of Thessaloniki’s court of appeal

2014 Elected member of the Administrative Council of the Northern Greece Law Society

1996 – TodayAttorney to the Supreme Court

1999 – Today EGNATIA ODOS SALegal Advisor

1999 – 2002 State Theater of Northern GreeceLegal Advisor

1996 – 1998 The organization of the European Cultural Capital “Thessaloniki 1997”Legal Advisor

1982 – 1983European Union Research Associate in Brussels(stage) Sector of Direct taxation and corporate taxing

1981 – 1982Center of International Economic and European LawsResearch Associate in close cooperation with professor Mr Dimitrios Evrigenis

2007 – TodayLecturer of Project Managementat the post Graduate studies of the Civil Engineering University of Thessaloniki


  1. 1990 Masters of Science
    Public Law School
    Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki
    Grade : A Excellent
  2. 1980-1981 Master of Laws on International and Comparative Law Sector of International and Comparative Law.
    School of Law – University of Brussels.
  3. 1975-1980 Degree in Law
    School of law
    Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki
    Grade : A Excellent


1982 – 1983 Scholarship from the Council of Europe)Topic: How to select the legal type of a company. A study based on the comparison of the Greek, British and French system of taxation.

1981 Scholarship from the Institut Universitair International of Luxembourg Special courses on the topic of the Harmonization of the law system for Corporations of the European Union

1977 A special training focused on the Legal terminology. University of Cambridge UK.

1975 – 1979 Scholarship from the States Scholarship Foundation

Foreign Languages

English: Very Good – French: Very Good

Posts of Antonis Nedelkopoulos

  • The survey and the operation of the Dutch Department of Law of the University of Brussels.The Greek Review of the European Law 1981 pages 631-634.
  • The Harmonization of the taxation system for Corporations of the European Union. Armenopoulos, Yearbook 1984 pages 219-239
  • Comment for the taxation of the law offices. Armenopoulos, Yearbook 1993 pages 782-783
  • Judicial Protection at the pre-contractual stage of Public Works agreements , public provisions, according to the EU directive 89/665/ΕΟΚ (Α’ 178) Armenopoulos, 2008 page 1806
  • The exceptions of the automatic taxpaying system. Armenopoulos, 2011 pages 359-360.